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They are looking for swings in a stock’s price, allowing them to take advantage of buying low and selling for a profit. There are a vast number of technical analysis tools and indicators that provide different information and insights for traders to use. Most swing traders develop their own methods as they gain experience and exposure to many different tools and methods.

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Larger action within a span of days or weeks can often be sensitive to investor response toward fundamental developments. Hence, swing traders rely on technical setups to execute a more fundamental-driven outlook. If you’re new to technical analysis, you might want to review the basics.


If the market is strong, you can wait for the channel line to be hit. An experienced trader may shift his tactics and hold a little longer, perhaps until the day when the market fails to make a new high. A beginning trader is better advised to take profits after the channel line has been hit as it’s important to learn to take profits in accordance with one’s trading plan. It’s important to pay attention to the volume of the stocks you’re choosing for your swing. New traders, especially those with small accounts, tend to be attracted to stocks that trade for very little money.

Technical indicators for swing trading

A ZigZag feature helps you see the different types of asset movements that are available. It will also help you determine the risk and reward you are looking to employ with your swing strategy. There are dozens of swing trading strategies that you can use to generate returns. Each piece of the puzzle is important in helping you achieve success in the markets, and we’ll discuss these in greater detail so you can be on your way to becoming a swing trader.


A stock temporarily retraces to an earlier price point and then continues to move in the same direction later. No content on the website shall be considered as a recommendation or solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities, futures, or other financial products. All information and data on the website are for reference only and no historical data shall be considered as the basis for predicting future trends. It is important to remember that every trading style has its pros and cons, and it is up to you the trader, which one you will choose. You take a position on the early side of a DOWNTREND and looking for price to“breakdown” .

Understanding Swing Trading

Swing traders watch out for moving average crosses to determine the best opportunities in the market. As a trading style, swing trading falls between day trading and position trading. Day trading involves holding trades within a single day or trading session, whereas position trading is a long-term strategy where trades can be held for a couple of months or years. Once you have undertaken your research, decide which asset and time frame you wish to swing trade. Also, determine your entry and exit strategy based off your swing trading signal.

  • At a minimum, these studies indicate at least 50% of aspiring day traders will not be profitable.
  • Standard deviation is a commonly used volatility metric to set expectations for how far a stock’s price might move.
  • Still, the idea that prices can bounce back and forth around a somewhat average value is the siren song to many hopeful swing traders.
  • However, a lot of these stocks won’t suit you and your trading strategy.
  • Other exit methods could be when the price crosses below a moving average , or when an indicator such as the stochastic oscillator crosses its signal line.

There are a few things that I think we should consider before getting started. If your interested in hearing from Casey Stubbs talk about swing trading strategies he talks about it here on The Desire to Trade Podcast. Support and resistance lines represent the cornerstone of technical analysis and you can build a successful stock swing trading strategy around them. Under normal market circumstances, there are “trend days,” or trading sessions that trade directionally, with high-conviction the entire day, per month.

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You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. As a trader, you can choose between a variety of trading strategies. For years, traders have tried to predict the Bitcoin asset’s growth patterns and generate some profit.

That is, when focusing on a well-curated set of assets, swing trading can generate a good amount of profit within a relatively smaller time-period. That is why swing trading is preferred by those who want to develop a monthly income from trading. AvaTrade provides vast resources to boost your trading education as well as superior and intuitive trading platforms to implement your strategies and trading knowledge. Open an AvaTrade demo account to test the above strategies, or a live account when you feel ready, and get started with swing trading. Using channels for swing trading is very beneficial for strongly trending assets. To swing trade effectively, it is important to identify an asset that is trending strongly, but within a plotted channel.

Swing trading is a trading technique that traders use to buy and sell stocks when indicators point to an upward or downward trend in the future, which can range from overnight to a few weeks. Swing trades aim to capitalize on buying and selling the interim lows and highs within a larger overall trend. There are several different trading strategies often used by swing traders. The difference is that you will generally hold your position between a day and a few weeks. There are several pros and cons to using a swing strategy as opposed to day trading. For any swing strategy to be successful, you need a risk management plan that cuts your losses and lets your profits run.


If you have plotted a channel around a bearish trend on a stock chart, you would consider opening a sell position when the price bounces down off the top line of the channel. It represents a price level or area above the current market price where selling pressure may overcome buying pressure, causing the price to turn back down against an uptrend. In this case a swing trader could enter a sell position on the bounce off the resistance level, placing a stop loss above the resistance line.

With this article, you’re on your way to becoming an excellent swing trader. All that remains now is for you to pick a CFD broker that’ll give you not only all the instruments to use with your swing strategies but the fast market executions. One of the major reasons why people lose in forex trading is trying to fight the market and its flow. Swing trading, at its core, exploits the natural flow and movements of the market to get into profitable positions.

Assets such as oil and gold tend to trend strongly during certain periods, and swing traders can take advantage of these opportunities to earn huge profits. Swing trading isn’t as active as day trading , but swing traders rarely hold a position for more than a few weeks. A perfect swing trade would buy just as the stock price starts a new trend, then take profits right when the price reverses course. As in all investing, additional developments could negate any strategy and result in investment losses.

Swing trading is a trading form that’s hard to achieve broad diversification with. For example, if the market is going down, most stocks will go down too, and in the event of a market crash, you could be hit quite hard. CFD brokers are ubiquitous on the web, which also is true about their aggressive advertisement campaigns.

But a swing trader would have only booked minimal profits along the way. Swing trading utilises technical and fundamental analysis to identify market direction as well as optimal price entry and exit points in the market. The swing trading strategy requires patience and calmness because there will be numerous intraday price fluctuations as the trade plays out.

Swing trading vs. long-term position trading

The potential of quick rewards that are possible in swing trading often keep traders motivated and interested, and serve as inspiration to improve their skills and raise more capital. Generally speaking, swing traders work with four-hour charts and daily charts , but can obviously employ weekly charts, too. Lower time frames will result in the increased randomization of data, which can lead to more difficulty with regard to making reliable price predictions.

For instance, if a tax tips for home based business owners is trending lower and a bearish wedge forms on a chart, it is a signal to place sell orders because the price will likely continue to tumble. Basically, swing trading is a style that attempts to forecast an impending price move in the market and aims to capture huge chunks of profits if that move happens. Some of the most common include reversal trading, retracement trading, and breakout trading.

You can enter on a trading signal and exit and reverse on the reverse signal. Your strategies can be completely systematic, or discretionary. You can categorize them as trend following, momentum, breakout or mean reverting. Swing trading has been gaining popularity as people look for ways to bring in extra income while working their full time job. And with the arrival of sophisticated apps, trading while on the go has never been easier. Rebecca Baldridge, CFA, is an investment professional and financial writer with more than twenty years of experience in the financial services industry.

Swing traders leverage technical analysis to determine entry and exit points. Profit per transaction is higher than day trading but lower than trend trading. Forex scalping is a method of trading where the trader typically makes multiple trades each day, trying to profit off small price movements. Swing traders will often look for opportunities on the daily charts and may watch 1-hour or 15-minute charts to find a precise entry, stop loss, and take-profit levels. Successful swing traders are only looking to capture a chunk of the expected price move, and then move on to the next opportunity.

The last benefit of using a simple swing trading strategy is that you won’t need to be glued to the screen for the whole day like with day trading strategies. A swing trading plan will work in all markets starting from stocks, commodities, Forex currencies, and much more. If you are interested in learning about other methods of trading our Trading Strategy master post is a great resource.