In situations where the image is smaller than the browser, the image is repeated a couple 0f time to cover up the spaces that remain. To use an image as the background of your website, you’ll use CSS. No, Not if your website is on a remote server, i.e not on localhost. Pretty basic and simple, but it did what I needed (which was to get a personal photo of mine onto the internet so I could use its URL).

How do I put an image on my website

Before you begin, check the size of the image you want to upload. Some hosting services don’t allow files over a specific size. Make sure the image is under the maximum allowed by your hosting service. Image size restrictions apply to all formats, including PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc. Pricing starts at $12 per month when billed annually, which is designed for small businesses, startups, and social media managers.

Add the img src Attribute to the Image

Fuzzy images simply don’t look professional, and may reduce trust in your brand. Sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay have their own license, meaning you can use any of their images for commercial or noncommercial use, without attribution. If you want a worry-free way to source professional images, they’re a great go-to. To maintain the authenticity and ownership of the user-generated images, we always ensure to credit the contributors whenever we use their content. We respect the intellectual property rights of our users and comply with relevant copyright laws. User-generated images are taken by users of your product or service in action that they then give you permission to use across your website and marketing platforms.

  • You can choose a subscription (which starts at $29.99 per month, billed annually), credits, or a combination of both.
  • Midjourney is an AI image generator that allows you to create images from simple text prompts.
  • You won’t have to worry about it as much when you are cropping your photo.
  • The width and height attributes specify the size of the image, usually in pixels.
  • The best photo format for websites are JPEGs, which can render the wide color spectrum that’s common in photographs.

You need to create a free account to use Snappa – similar to Canva, it’s a tool that helps you create graphics, and has an image library as part of its platform. You can only access Snappa’s in-editor image library, which is a big reason why we tend to favor Canva over Snappa. Still, it’s a nice, simple tool for whipping up quick graphics. It takes time for your site to load images, which means it takes your site longer to load.

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Creating visually appealing and unique images for your website doesn’t have to be expensive or require professional design skills. When customizing a website, you might encounter some limitations when adding images to a page. Content management systems and website themes usually provide fixed options for inserting images, which might not suit everyone’s needs. If they are not set, the browser won’t be able to determine the image size and will use its original measurements. This can change the layout of the web page and cause errors when the browser loads the image. When creating websites with a popular CMS like WordPress, there may be restrictions on where you can add images.

You don’t want other websites to take and use the images without permission, credit, or backlinks. Canva is a hugely popular tool for creating graphics with ease – from social media posts to presentations and infographics. It has a free image library that it offers as part of its design software. You’ll need to create a free account to use Canva – some photos are reserved for Pro users, though, so you may want to upgrade to a paid plan if you use Canva a lot. You will also notice that before this file name, we added some additional information, “/images/”.

How to Insert an Image in HTML in 6 Easy Steps

If the img src is not specified correctly, the image will not load. It’s an empty tag that includes HTML attributes such as img src and alt and doesn’t require a closing tag. You can upload photos directly to your website editor or add them to your Asset Library, where you can organize and reuse them all from one central place.

How do I put an image on my website

You need to ensure that you are using relevant images on your page. If you were writing a post about how to make apple pie, you wouldn’t put a photo of banana bread in your post. They help break up the text on your site and give leads a visual example of things you mention on your page. These images are a great opportunity for your business to really engage your audience. For this reason, and to maintain a separation of style (CSS) and structure (HTML), it is recommended that you do NOT add width and height attributes to your HTML code.

HTML Images

Ship your products to soona and select the types of images and style you want, from GIFs and videos to modeled product shots. You can build your own set of photos or use their Squarespace Starter Pack or Squarespace Deluxe Pack. Stock photos or image generators are a useful place to start, especially when you’re launching your business and might not have many of your own photos yet.

In the relative path option, the image source is based on the image’s current directory or folder. You should now have familiarity with how to add images to your HTML document and how to add alternative text to aid with accessibility. We’ll learn how to change the image size and style in the tutorial How To Add a Profile Image To Your Webpage later on in the series.

Where to Find Professional Photos For Websites: Recap

This could apply to body shape, age, race, or more – be mindful about who you’re talking to and who you may be leaving out with your choice of images. It’s vital that you optimize your images before uploading them to your website – otherwise your site speed may suffer. Figuring out if a random image belongs to the public domain can be difficult, so we recommend looking for the Creative Commons CC0 license.

It’s a chance to showcase your work, share your story, and connect with potential clients and… Images can improve the design and the appearance of a web page. DigitalOcean makes it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow – whether you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand. Working on improving health and education, reducing inequality, and spurring economic growth? Your images should work to complement your website copy and vice versa—neither one has to do the heavy lifting on its own. For example, a bold image with sparse copy could illustrate your goal just as well as images used to break up pages with denser copy.